• • KCSC series is used usually in stacker crane of Automatic distributing system.
      KCSC has wide range of capacity and stroke (Stroke 1500mm, Capacity 930 kJ).
      It is possible to design and manufacture for special purpose as customer’s request.
      KOBA hydraulic buffer is met the Global industrial safety standards like
      OSHA, AISE, CMMA, DIN, and FEM. Compared
      with KHG series, KCSC has similar structure and principle but KCSC is designed
      to have large volume of Gas compared with that of oil so it has Low Peak and
      Low Recoil Force. This point makes the application operate with minimum
      resistance force and absorb the impact force smoothly and progressively in
      emergency case.

    • Max. Operation cycle : 60 cycle/hour
    • Max. Impact velocity : 6 m/sec
    • Temperature : Standard (-10~80℃) Special (-40~120℃)
    • Return : Nitrogen Gas
    • Piston Rod : Hard Chrome( Over 25µ )
    • Body and Mount : Znic Plating
    • Application : Stacker Crane, Amusement Rides, Automobile production Facilities,
      Overhead crane, etc
    • Options : Protective Bellows / Safety Cable / Urethane Cap /
      Mounting Plates / Foot Mounts

▶ KCSC 90 Series

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