• • KSA model is adjustable type so you could control the damping force according
      to impact velocity. KMA model has the 12 step range to rotate the dial 0” to 300” so
      it is possible to get the fine tuning. KSA has Two Adjustment Dials in
      Front and rear side and the Front dial is used as Stop Collar.
    • The KSA model has larger energy absorption capacity compared with that of
      other model because of increasing total surface area of Piston.
      So it has wide range of Effective Weight.
    • The body of KSA model is designed as one unit so it is very solid and
      root up the “ Bottom out “ problem.
    • Threaded body of KSA provide mounting flexibility, location accuracy and
      increased surface area for improved thermal energy dissipation to the atmosphere.
    • Material of Piston Rod is plated with hard Cr and the bearing protect the seal and
      is made of special material that remains durable for a long time to ensure a long lifespan.
    • Range of impact velocity
    • Standard : 0.3 ~ 5.0 m/sec
    • Low Velocity Model : 0.08~1.3 m/sec
    • Range of Temperature
    • Standard : -10 ~ 80 ℃
    • option : -40~ 120 ℃ (Special oil and seal)
    • Application : Industrial Robot, Packing machine, Looming machine,
     Machine tools, Automobile manufacturing facilities, Tire manufacturing facilities,
     Casing facilities, Crane, safety device, etc.

▶ KSA 64 Series

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